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Questionable Belief by BlueCheshireCat Questionable Belief by BlueCheshireCat
This was my submission for this month's issue of Shousetsu Bang Bang ( [link] )! This month's theme was folklore and fairytales - and guys, I gotta say, I'm liking how this turned out! Especially considering how many photoshop closed on me while I was working on this >.<
So this is actually a Daracian myth - Darac, for those who don't know (read: everyone), is where Amadeus (one of my main characters) is from in my story En Route. I was originally hoping to do a series of drawings for this issue, but ran out of time before I could finish it all! Which kind of sucked.
For anyone who's interested, the myth involves a young warrior named Laim (the one kneeling) finding an injured Daracian wolf in the desert near his home. He takes the wolf to his home and nurtures it back to health, all the time telling it to believe in him, that he'll make it better. The wolf gains consciousness, and begins accompanying the young man when he goes out. One day, Laim and his companion encounter a large group of raiders, and he's quickly overpowered. The wolf then reveals himself as the demigod Harai, first guard of the underground realm of the gods. He asks Laim for his belief, in exchange for protection. Harai then goes and kicks the raider gang's asses. When Harai returns, he states that his debt to Laim has been repaid, but that he does not wish to be parted from him. He again asks for his belief, and this time Harai gives himself over as a familiar (...which I will discuss in another post) in exchange. The two work together as a duo for about a month, until Harai again comes to Laim at night and asks again for his belief. When Laim says yes in return, the two have sex for the first time. Another few years pass. In this final scene, Laim's home has been surrounded by his fellow villagers, who want to kill him for lying with another man. Harai assumes his true form, and again asks Laim for his belief. Laim instantly says yes, and the two return to Harai's home in the realm of the gods, where they live for eternity.

...YEAH. I WISH I COULDA MADE THIS A WHOLE SERIES OF PICTURES. I might someday, hopefully! Hope you all like!
PhoenixAngel13 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010
BlueCheshireCat Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Sadly this is in the meta of my story's world :( Amadeus alludes to it once or twice, but it's not really fleshed out. It's part of the reason Am isn't, like, worried for his life and inheritance because he's gay - though his mom and sisters are somewhat disapproving, they're also fairly religious, and one of their family's protective gods is Harai, so he's all HEY IF HARAI IS DOING IT...?!?? Daracian society in general has the same kind of view - not approving exactly, but not too OMG YOU'RE GOING TO HELL or anything. Amadeus knows his father will not approve though, and that's gonna be one helluva drama...YEAH
One day I will tell you about Tau mythology (aka the band of tribes that Mija and Arina are in). THAT SHIT IS GREAT. Hermaphroditic goddesses and gay demigods and positive sex and societal approval of GLBTQWhatever. Of everybody.
PhoenixAngel13 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010
awww you should write another story to cover it! it could make a great shorter story maybe. your world sounds so fleshed out and awesome. i'd definitely like to hear more about it!
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